Assured HR: People Plan

The NHS People Plan is long overdue. The NHS claims to want to be greatest employer in the world. With nursing vacancies at more than 41,000, annual decreases in General Practitioners, the workforce is stretched, and morale is low.

We have all seen the Posters ‘People are our greatest Asset’ emblazoned on walls of buildings where we work. But saying it is so, doesn’t necessarily make it so.

Ideally, your organisation should have a clear business strategy, developed by an inclusive style of Leadership that energises and engages everyone in delivering it. The culture should reflect the wonderful values that enriches the team and your customers.

Sometimes, the reality is very different.

Executives may be reluctant to lead and to be accountable. They may offload ‘difficult discussions’ with those they are responsible for in order to avoid being unpopular.

The culture can become toxic, without a HR Strategy aligned to the operational priorities.

This state of affairs is a recipe for long term trouble for your organisation.

Benefits of working with Assured HR

The Founder and Managing Director of Assured HR, Mina Parmar has a wealth of strategic and operational HR expertise at your disposal.

Her outsourced model provides you with bespoke solutions that are truly cost effective and appropriate for your needs.

Assured HR will become your outsourced HR Business Partner. They will ensure that your People Strategy is lawful, empowering and operationally relevant.

The Assured HR Team can provide a full suite of services that enable you, as the Chief Executive Officer, to have an accurate picture of the people aspect of your business, by means of a highly efficient digital dashboard.

Assured HR can provide payroll and recruitment services as required by the customer.

Assured HR Consultancy

When working relationships become strained or fractured, the costs can be significant. Reduced morale, decreased productivity, absence management, off boarding, Grievances, Employment Tribunals, plus the reputational damage to your organisation.

Assured HR Consultancy have consultants experienced in Investigation, Grievance and Mediation. Their expertise is at your disposal. They will provide you with cost effective, professional support to bring your people back together, into high performing teams.

Next Steps

Make contact with us to discuss the health of the People Strategy of your organisation, and your key challenges, and how Assured HR can help you.