Are you struggling with the volume of HR documentation required to successfully run your business? Are you avoiding drafting legally required documentation to focus on ‘more important’ aspects of your business? Are you looking to outsource your HR documentation entirely?


We pride ourselves on our contracts!

We provide bespoke, uncomplicated employment contracts in all forms, ranging from zero hours contracts, through to full-time permanent contracts. You name it, we can draft it. On the other hand, if you are content with your current contract and require a few tweaks, we can review and update your current documentation in line with your organisation. All our contracts are compliant with UK employment legislation, and as this evolves, we will be the first to inform you.


We supply tailor-made employee handbooks that not only summarise your policies and procedures but reflect your business’ key values and principles in a pragmatic and accessible way.

Employee handbooks are not a legal requirement; however, they are a useful tool in supporting contracts of employment and avoiding conflict with your employees down the line. We know that poorly written employee handbooks can bind the organisation to promises they do not know they are making, which is why we are also happy to review and revise current handbooks to ensure these costly mistakes are avoided.

HR policies & procedures

We understand that creating policies and procedures can be a laborious task and it’s often difficult to distinguish between the numerous types of policies required.

However, without these employment essentials, you can expose yourself to a number of problematic situations caused by a lack of transparency surrounding standards expected in the workplace. We class ourselves as HR policy experts and no matter how big or small, we are confident that we can draft the perfect policy to reflect your business.

Performance reviews

We create tailor made appraisal and performance review documents aimed to develop your employees and drive your business forward.

Disciplinary & grievance

Drafting an employment letter can be time-consuming and can often be followed by an unwanted employment claim if drafted incorrectly.

Whether you require a little support drafting a disciplinary outcome letter for a tricky case, or you are about to conduct a disciplinary for the first time and require guidance notes, our friendly and experienced team are able to provide as little or as much documentation support as you need.

Absence forms & letters

We supply bespoke absence documentation to ensure full compliance with your absence policies and procedures to avoid the escalation of delicate employment situations.

Family matters

Family friendly documentation for businesses who are unsure of how to acknowledge an employee’s pregnancy, or for employers who are not quite sure how to handle a flexible working request whilst ensuring compliance with current UK employment legislation. We can support you by drafting bespoke, credible documents at a speedy rate.