If you are not experienced in TUPE (Transfer of Undertakings Legislation) the legal framework surrounding it can be daunting, and it can sometimes be difficult to determine whether TUPE applies to a particular situation or not.

Whether you are merging, acquiring new business, have lost a contract or have all or part of a business being sold, you will be facing the complexities of the Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations.

If you fail to meet the requirements of TUPE legislation, it can leave you open to costly and time-consuming tribunal claims. We will support you through each stage of the TUPE transfer process to ensure that you avoid any pitfalls that could leave you and your business exposed and subject to financial penalties. Let us help you with the many complex legalities that arise within the TUPE rules and regulations…

  • Produce project plans and timelines for all aspects of a TUPE transfer
  • Co-ordinate and manage the TUPE consultation process to ensure you do not incur penalties for failure to consult
  • Interpret the TUPE rules and regulations to establish your TUPE liabilities
  • Assist in consultations with staff being transferred in or out and /or associated redundancy consultations, preparing all necessary guidance notes and follow-up documentation
  • Advise on the change management aspects of effectively maintaining levels of motivation and engagement among employees who are to be transferred out
  • Support you with the cultural integration of staff transferred into your Company