Ethical International 

Assured HR Solutions

Strictly adheres to the UK Code of Practice for international recruitment of health and social care personnel.

What is the Code of Practice?

The UK Code of Practice sets out the principles and best practices that health and social care employers and recruitment agencies must follow to ensure effective, ethical international recruitment.

It is aimed at all health or social care organisations or recruitment agencies undertaking international recruitment.

The Code of Practice aligns to the World Health Organization (WHO) list of developing countries, which the UK cannot target for active international recruitment.

Red and amber countries

The map below displays the countries that are on the WHO list of red and amber countries, which means that no active recruitment is permitted from these countries.

Assured HR Solutions does not recruit candidates from these countries. However, we provide CV building, professional coaching services and guidance on international employment opportunities.

We also do not directly introduce candidates from red and amber countries to health and social care employers in the UK. Therefore, all candidates from these countries seeking international healthcare roles would be required to make direct, independent job applications to employers abroad.

Green countries

Green countries are any countries that are not on the map above. Active recruitment is permitted from green countries therefore candidates from these countries are welcome to apply for health and social care roles through Assured HR Solutions.