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Assured HR Member

Application to become an Assured HR Member

’Once you have completed the application form and background checks have been completed you will be invited to interview.

What are the benefits of becoming an Assured HR Member?

Our recruitment experts will support you so that your CV highlights your strengths and optimises your chance of being shortlisted by potential employers.

Assured HR Members will receive support prior to meeting potential employers. They will guide you with frequently asked questions and prepare you so that your chance of being successful in the recruitment cycle is optimised.

Assured HR has a vast network of potential employers in the UK that is looking for Senior Carers. It will provide introduction to members where opportunities are in line with the candidate’s expectations.

Successful candidates will need to apply for their Visa. Our recruitment experts can guide you with this process and support you with queries that may arise. We can also provide external support from our Immigration Lawyers.

Our team can support you with relocation taking the stress of this process away from you. We can help you with finding accommodation, setting up a bank account as well as any crises that may arise.

Complete the digital application form and one of our advisors will contact you with more information.

For any queries please contact