We have a professional counsellor that provides services to individuals looking to develop themselves or find themselves in a crisis. We also provide services for business leaders looking to grow their company.

This is important as we deal with various different challenges in our daily lives, we sometimes get stuck in solving a particular issue at various different issues. At that time we seem to become baffled and frustrated, not being able to decide what path to take. We might lose the ability to trust our instinctive thoughts or feelings, un-enabling us to make appropriate decisions in accordance with our direct perceptions and evaluations. Sometimes it becomes too difficult to resolve an issue on our own. It helps to share our difficulties with another person and as the saying goes two heads are better than one. Providing the ideal secure environment for you, to come and share your difficulties with a professional counselling psychotherapist. Creating the right therapeutic conditions where you can disclose and explore your difficulties. By effective listening, non-judgemental acceptance and being authentic, I would assist you in exploring your thinking processes and work through strategies to deal with your presenting issues.