We have been working closely with SMEs through the COVID-19 pandemic and continue to provide urgent support to many businesses through this unprecedented time of change.

Our core focus in recent weeks has involved supporting businesses through furlough and walking employers through the many rules and iterations of the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme. Additionally, we have given advice and guidance to many teams on embracing a new way of working remotely, helping them to overcome the challenges that this can bring.

Whilst at the time of writing there is no set date as to when the strict social distancing rules and lockdown will be lifted, we are already making plans for the immediate future.

Back to business

Our goal is to make sure that SME employers have everything they need in place to effectively and compliantly bring employees back to work when the time comes.

After speaking with a wide range of SMEs about the new and very real challenges they face beyond lockdown, we have devised a bespoke short-term HR package to directly address and resolve common concerns.

Beyond Lockdown HR Package

Our short-term bespoke HR package will provide:

    • An initial call to establish a return to work plan appropriate to your business.
    • A draft plan from the call above.
    • Unlimited HR and employment law advice via email, phone or video call for a set period.
    • Support and advice on the management of employees returning to work, interviews and team integration.
    • Redundancy and lay off advice.
    • Flexible working requests support & advice.

If you have pressing HR concerns that are not included in this list, please do let us know. Our local and personal service means that we can be flexible with this offering to find the perfect solution that puts your business first.

To find out more about a beyond lockdown plan for your business, contact us.